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Disturbing News About Your Subconscious Mind

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Some researchers estimate that the brain thinks of 50,000 thoughts per day. How many of these are negative, self defeating thoughts?

Do you want positive messages in your subconscious mind?

These recordings are very unique. No one else uses this kind of sound processing! Read more about my subliminal message technology here.

You might also like the Video Subliminal which is also a new concept in the field of superliminal and subliminal video.

Do subliminal MP3s really work?

Wishful thinking on it's own won't amount to anything. These subliminal message MP3s are designed as a mental exercise. If you are using the quit drinking coffee subliminal MP3, you need to put it into practice. When you successfully say no to coffee and switch to tea for your first time, that is a good time to repeat the affirmations to yourself or to listen to the MP3. Repeat to yourself "I prefer tea". In this way, you make the affirmation true. This is a crucial part of the process. Subliminal MP3s on their own won't do anything.

Will power is a muscle.

You need to exercise your will power to make it stronger. Start small if you have to. Wait a few minutes before having your coffee. During this time, repeat the affirmations or listen to the recording. The more you do this the stronger your natural will power will be!

If you believe that subliminal MP3s really work, then they work. That's called the placebo effect. The power of belief is real! Is it possible to induce a healing response using the placebo effect? I believe it's possible, but I also think there is more to subliminal MP3s than just placebo.

Subliminal means below the conscious threshold. Many things are either below, or above (superliminal) your conscious threshold. Can the brain interpret these signals and act on them?

If hypnosis works, then affirmations also work because they are a powerful form of self-hypnosis!

Psychology Today wrote an article about how affirmations work. Self affirmations are an integral part of changing your behavior, but the article is only looking at affirmations alone.

You need to make the affirmations true. If you are being promised effortless change by other subliminal mp3 programs, you are being scammed. Change takes effort. Subliminals and affirmations are merely a tool that you can use to change more quickly. It still takes effort and will power to make things happen. The psychology today article doesn't address the combined use of affirmations, modalities (you and I), brainwave states and repetition.

It is my belief that this mind technology works if it is used consistently.

I wrote a lengthy article about how hypnosis really works here.

You can also see more proof on this website which lists several studies on the effectiveness of hypnosis. Learning about hypnosis will help you to understand the workings of the subconscious mind, which is operating 24/7 and doesn't need your awareness.

How should you address your subconscious mind?

Classically, the subconscious is addressed as a child, ie "You are calm. You are relaxed." You can also take ownership of your subconscious mind with an affirmation: "I am calm. I am relaxed." Which one works better? I believe the result is even better when both forms are used. Repeat both to yourself as an affirmation: "I am calm. You are calm."

Know that you are speaking to yourself, and as yourself.

Subliminal MP3s also work as a reminder to accomplish your goal. In some cases, we want to replace one habit with another to smooth the transition. For example, I want smokers to get addicted to exercise instead.

Some find it easier to quit drinking coffee by switching to tea first. There is less caffeine in tea and it's better for you. In these cases, NLP is used to get the mind to associate all the feelings of pleasure to the new habit. There is a video version of the stop drinking coffee NLP swish pattern here.

In conclusion, I can't say that all subliminal MP3s work. I think mine do, I literally made them to help myself. I hope they work for you.

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