New Video Subliminal

– Subliminal messages embedded in video and audio
– Multi-modal suggestions (You are powerful, I am powerful)

Warning: Contains flashing lights and rapid image sequences. If you have epilepsy or if you have any mental illness you should not watch this video. We are not responsible for any positive or negative effects that occur from viewing this video or listening to the audio portion. You assume all responsibility.

About this Video and How Subliminals Work:

The conscious mind is occupied with music, spoken affirmations and powerful on-screen visuals. While the conscious mind is in overload, subliminal messages are inserted into the audio and video mix. The theory behind this is similar to what goes on in a ‘buffer overflow’ (computer security).

Positive messages are spoken as affirmations and embedded as subliminal audio and video. Contains the following suggestions: “Good things happen to you. Money comes easily and frequently. Super health radiates from within. You are powerful. You are loved. You radiate health and wellness. Good things happen to me. Money comes frequently and easily. Super health radiates from within. I am powerful. I am loved. I radiate health. I radiate health and wellness.”

Love Subliminals in This Video:

If you believe you are loved you will attract love. These subliminal messages can also help you strengthen your existing bond and love each other even more deeply. There are also images of fraternal love and racial harmony to achieve higher love as well.

Subliminals for Health in This Video:

You will experience a strong sense of well being if you allow the images of health into your mind. You can use this visualization to help you attain your health goals. It is also helpful to drink a smoothie or fresh vegetable juice while watching this video. This will add the additional senses of taste, touch and smell and you will increase the potency of the messages if you do this.

General Positivity Subliminals:
Feel powerful and know that good things happen to you. Start by realizing that this is true… After all, you found this video.

Manifesting Money Subliminals:
Money comes frequently and easily. This is what you need to realize, even with small amounts of money. If there is money near you, notice it and pay attention when it comes around. You don’t need to strive for it because that will not make you happy. Instead just know you are good enough to do something you love and that you’ll be taken care of.