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Subliminal Message Technology

Subliminal Message Technology

The subliminal MP3s offered on this website are a combination of digital processing along with verbal and acoustic cues to train the listener’s mind.

Sound Masking:
The process of using one frequency to dull out another frequency. This process is used extensively in my subliminal MP3s. We accomplish this by changing the Low Pass filter of the voice track until it is closer to the frequency of the background sounds.

Voice Modulation:
By using a voice track that is frequency modulated, an effect is created where the perceived voice sounds like a strange language. Combined with sound masking, this voice is meant to be processed by the subconscious mind.

Isochronic Voice and Tones:
Voice pulsed at 8z to match the Alpha brainwave state provides an additional layer of entrainment.

Stereo Patterns:
By stimulating both sides of the brain in different patterns, the sound will affect your logical mind as well as your emotions. Stereo patterns are meant to provide extra subliminal stimulus to the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious to be affected more readily.

Binaural Beats:
Robert Monroe developed a system of combining multiple tones together to produce what are known as “beat frequencies”. The results from combining these different tones proved to casually guide the listener to a new mental state. The brain’s activity changes depending on which frequency is used. This phenomena is present in the natural world and can be heard when tuning a guitar, or playing the piano.

What is the difference between a subliminal MP3 and an Affirmation MP3?
Subliminal messages are not meant to be heard. You may hear a muffled voice, or you may not hear a voice at all. Affirmations are meant to be repeated to yourself. This MP3 contains both affirmations and subliminals in addition to an original relaxation music track.

What is subliminal audio exactly?
I use subliminal messages in all my MP3 recordings. After lots of trial and error, I came up with several new and unique processes to encode subliminal audio. The MP3s you’ll download contain an original music composition with subliminal messages hidden deep in the audio layer.

What will you hear when you listen to these subliminal MP3s?
You will hear the music track playing and you will sometimes hear a voice. Concentrating on the music is helpful since it occupies your conscious mind. This allows the subliminal messages to enter your subconscious more easily.

These subliminal music MP3s are dramatically different from anything you’ve ever listened to, because they speak to the various part of your conscious and subconscious minds.

Reprogram your mind!

There are two types of MP3s, each with it’s pros and cons. There are affirmations and then there are silent subliminals. Some of our MP3s use subliminals and affirmations together.

Silent subliminals have a hidden audio layer. You will not hear the voice at all in a silent subliminal. You will only hear music, or sometimes it's static (white noise), or sometimes you can hear nothing at all. You may hear some distant aspects of the voice if you listen closely with headphones. If you are listening to a silent subliminal, you will not know what the voice is saying.

If you are listening to an affirmation MP3 you will hear the spoken voice very cleanly. The recordings offered by this website use both affirmations and subliminals. The affirmations are loud enough so that you can hear them and repeat them to yourself. The silent suggestions are there to enter your subconscious mind while you are busy hearing the music and repeating the affirmations to yourself. The voice in the affirmations and the slient suggestions says exactly, and only what it says on the label of each track. The same exact voice is also recorded as a subliminal message using the different technologies listed above.

Sound masking in subliminal mp3 audio
These MP3s use sound masking and many other techniques to produce subliminal messages. The message audio is filtered and only one portion of the voice track is allowed to pass through. Using this special filter, the resulting subliminal message is blended with the rest of the ambient background music. The music is there to give your conscious mind something to focus on. The subliminal messages are processed by your subconscious mind more easily when the conscious mind is busy.

Should you use an affirmation MP3 or a silent subliminal MP3?
To get the most benefits you should listen to the subliminal MP3s and repeat the affirmations to yourself. You may wish to state them out loud – this may increase the effectiveness of the affirmations. If you just want to hear the music, you may wish to play a silent subliminal MP3.

The subliminal messages in our recordings are delivered to you in the first and second person. IE: "You are powerful", and "I am powerful".